Big Prom Spoiler from Nicole Crowther (Confirmed)

Kurt is prom queen and Karofsky is king.

She also tweeted:
#finchelfans finn tells Jesse to back off Rachel. No fight though :)
Kurt an Blaine dance
Will and Emma danxe
Sadly no end of bartie yet

@NicoleCrowther Do #Finchel get back together during prom?
@MerDerlvr4ever no

@NicoleCrowther Anything Brittana? Just anything?
@_chainfrost si

@nicolecrowther Will there be a Klaine kiss at Prom?
@jaimeedeak1220 no slow dance


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Anonymous said...

Alleged 'Glee' spoiler responds; plot thickens
Fri, 22 Apr 2011 14:08:00 EDT
Nicole Crowther says she did not reveal inside information and has not worked on the set since 2010; she Tweeted what she overheard at a dinner party.

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