"We're cutting back on the number of characters," he says of the hit Fox series that returns to the Emmys after two recent bids for Best Comedy Series. "After three seasons of a lot of those choir room scenes with 18 people, it became a bit much. The show has grown into a gargantuan.
"It's exciting how we're dealing with New York, where Rachel went off to in the end and how we're dealing with Ohio with the new kids coming up and which couples are breaking up and which ones are staying together."
Murphy acknowledges recent controversy over allegations that "Glee" has shown far fewer romantic gay scenes than heterosexual ones over the past TV season: "I really understand how important it is for so many young people to turn on a show and say, 'Oh, I'm like that character and I wish I had that bravery.' When I was growing up, I didn't have that. I get it. I appreciate it. I commend the passion … but there is no other show on network television that has done more for gay characters and stories than 'Glee' and I've fought hard for that."

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