Grant Gustin exploded onto the scene last November as Sebastian, the at-first-nefarious then sorta lovable but still kinda douchey Warbler on Glee. Since then he's not only amassed a loyal fan following, but a major TV movie role!

For his next project, Lifetime tapped the rising star for A Mother's Nightmare, which revolves around Chris Stewart (Gustin), a 16-year-old who falls into a depression after his girlfriend dumps him and his parents split. His emotions are buoyed when a new girl (played by 90210's Jessica Lowndes) moves to town and seduces the boy next door, but later accuses him of rape after he tries to break things good. Shag star Annabeth Gish plays the titular matriarch.

The role not only offers Grant the chance to play the leading man, but also the opportunity to continue projecting the anti-bullying message that was central to his role on Glee. "This is my first film and ... [it] has surpassed any expectations I had," he told ET Canada. Grant also admits that the depression and bullying his character endures is something he could easily relate to. "I was an anxious, maybe a little depressed young man. But I had great people around me, so I could see an end in sight."

That's yet another reason Grant was so elated to take on this part. "To be honest, this is much more me – or who I was – than Sebastian. It's about the same age range but a completely different character, completely different style. It'smuch more up my alley as a human."

Which isn't to say he's opposed to feeling the Glee again next season! "I love doing that show, the fans are great and I'd love to do more," he told ET Canada before adding that the show simply might not have room for his character any longer. "They're doing another season of The Glee Project so they'll be adding another character there and I won't give anything away, but they're bringing in some other new characters as well."

But Grant's fans have plenty of projects to look forward to -- not only will A Mother's Nightmare premiere later this year on Lifetime, but the actor reveals he has officially thrown his hat into the ring to play Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! "I have auditioned for the role," he says, confirming lots of fan desire/speculation. "I don't think [the producers] know what they're looking for just yet, but yes, I auditioned for the role."


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