Ask Ausiello and Tv Guide Spoilers!

Question: Please tell us anything you can about Tina’s role on Glee this year! Jenna Ushkowitz is such an amazing talent. —Shannon

Ausiello: Tina will start out the season adjusting to her split from Mike, a break-up Ushkowitz says was of her character’s doing. “People are really going to hate me,” the actress predicts. “But it’s hard with long distance [relationships].” The ex-couple reconnect in Episode 5 for the first time since calling it quits. “It’s definitely going to be hard,” she teases of the reunion. “It’ll be a truthful and honest [depiction of] what people go through in a break-up.” Bonus Spoiler: Ushkowitz says Tina will perform two numbers in next week’s Britney Spears tribute, one of which is an acoustic-leaning cover of “3.”


Any good Glee scoop? —Jackie 
NATALIE: Not good, per se, unless you're a Tina-Artie fan because it sounds like Tina and Mike are really over. "It's a little sad right now," Jenna Ushkowitz tells us of the pair. "They were the longest-standing couple and they're definitely on the outs ... It opens up doors for her. It's interesting to switch it up a bit."


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