Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee!

Question: Please, please with a cherry on top, any Glee scoop on Artie? —Valentina 
Ausiello: Kevin McHale let it slip, when I ran into him on the show’s set last Thursday, that Artie’s still experiencing something of a Sugar rush this season. “The Sugar-Artie thing may circle back around,” he shared. “I love Vanessa [Lengies], so I’m all for it. I wanted it to happen last season, but Rory won.” (Let’s all have a moment of silence for Pixie Boy.) Moving on, McHale also previewed this week’s “Makeover” episode, which finds Britney and Artie battling Blaine and Sam for McKinley’s top office. “Sam and I get to debate each other before the [presidential candidates] debate each other. Of course, Artie does what Artie would do — he has great points. And then Sam resorts to doing what he knows how to do – which is stripping – which makes for a great debate.” 

Question: Can you please tell me what is going on with Will and Emma on Glee please? —Michael 
Ausiello: I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is they have some meaty stuff in this season’s fourth episode. The bad news is the title of that episode, as you know, is “The Break-Up.” Now, I’m not saying that they’re headed for a split. I’m merely reporting the facts. 

Question: I’m hoping we get to see Karofsky make an appearance in Season 4 of Glee. Are there any plans to bring him back next season? —Erik 
Ausiello: Negatory. “I don’t have any plans,” confirms exec producer Brad Falchuk. “I’d never say never, but I thought we really finished that story nicely. It was very clear: He’s OK. He’s out now. In the future, there’s a possibility of him being really happy. You never know — he might come back. We might need him for something. You never know when you need someone to talk to Unique or something. But there’s no more story to tell with that character, as far as I’m concerned.” 

Question: Based on the first two episodes, I’m cautiously optimistic about the new season of Glee. Any scoop? —Sandra 
Ausiello: It sounds like the show is getting ready to introduce Season 4′s Big Bad. Ryan Murphy & Co. are on the prowl for an actor with impressive pipes to play an evil and dashing military-school grad who transfers to McKinley.
source: TVLine

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