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Amanda: I love Jake and Marley on Glee...They'll get together soon, right?
Do you think Glee would ever miss the opportunity to have a juicy love triangle? You must be cray-cray! (Sorry for our use of cray-cray, but that's the only way we knew how to describe it). Jacob Artist confirmed to us that yes, the love triangle that started in "Britney 2.0" would continue between Kitty, Jake and Marley. Snotty blond cheerleader versus the beautiful but quirky brunette? Sounds familiar, eh? But don't be too hard on Jake's bad-boy ways, because he's had a rough time growing up. "I think it's kind of stemming a little bit from his family life. He has a whole background that will be fun to explore as the season goes on that kind of justifies his behavior," Artist tells us. 

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