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Shania: We're not seeing much of Will on Glee. What gives?
That's the same question we asked Matthew Morrison, and he told us he's grateful to be getting less screen time on Glee so he can work on his own album. "This season has actually been kind of good because there is the whole New York aspect of the show," he says. "I don't work as much. I could have never fit [my album] in before. This has been really great." But don't worry, Schue fans. He'll be around a lot more later in the season to take New Directions back to Nationals! "I think before, it was this goal of winning nationals that could never be attained," he tells us. "But now I think there are a lot of fresh people, but we have this trophy in our room now, this tangible object to know that it can be done and if you work hard enough and follow your dreams, it can happen." Maybe we'll get back-to-back National championships trophies!

source: E! Online

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