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Glee | TVLine’s resident Gleek, Michael Slezak, has already shared his 13 observations of the Season 4 premiere, but what’s the harm in a few more? I see some of you asking about “Klaine,” and the fact of the matter is they really don’t share a quality scene until about two-thirds of the way into the hour – but when they do, I have every faith it will satisfy their fans, as Blaine finds a special way to tell his beau “It’s Time.” (But for what…?) All in all, I found it to be a rather strong premiere, buoyed by solid debuts from Kate Hudson (as a cocksure NYADA teach who isn’t without her tragic flaws) and Melissa Benoist (playing New Direction wannabe Marley Rose, who boasts one of the meatier backstories for a noob. But I must agree with Slezak that the new girl falls short in her “duet” with Rachel. ) Plus, the on-location NYC shots help sell Rachel’s metropolitan odyssey, which in the first hour ends in tears – including likely your own. On the lighter side, Brittany has two of her funniest lines ever – one involving a case of mistaken identity with Unique, and the other lamenting what she and Santana can and cannot do via Skype.

source: TVLine

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