Ask Ausiello and E!Online Spoilers!

Question: Do you have any idea which Glee members are playing which characters in the Grease musical? —Megan
Ausiello: I’ve got more than an idea — I’ve got the freakin’ cast list right in front of me. Alas, I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I will say that one casting decision will raise eyebrows (not to mention Sue’s hackles).

Question: Is there any hope for Brittana on Glee? Or has that ship sunk? —Ashley B. 
Ausiello: What if I told you that there’s an episode coming up during November sweeps where all of the couples that broke up in “The Break-Up” reunite? What if I also told you that there was a twist? Hmm?

source: TV Line

Tami: Any word on a new love interest for Kurt on Glee?We hear that Kurt won't be looking for anyone new after Blaine broke his heart, but someone else from a just-kaput couple will have a new admirer. The only question is: Will the newly single character be admiring back? 

source: E!

Mslinative: How about some non-relationship spoilers about Rachel Berry! I miss Glee and I miss seeing and hearing Rachel Berry!
It's time to meet Rachel's newest New York foe! The Fox hit is currently casting the bitch-tastic role of Anna-Marie, an attractive battle dancer who can sing and dance extremely well, like Rachel-level well. Hmmm...could she be replacing Cassandra July as Rachel's dance instructor? The mind reels.

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