Ask Ausiello + E!Online Spoilers!

Lucas in N.H.: I need Santana Scoop! When do we get to see her? And more importantly when can we hear her sing??
Yes, you will see her and hear her sing in this week's episode of Glee. But we must warn you, Chord Overstreet dropped some scoop on us that will not please Brittana fans when we asked if Sam might hook up with Brittany soon. "We'll see. There's a bunch of different love triangles going on this year. There's a lot of interesting stuff so maybe," he tells us. "It depends on if her and Santana are still together. We don't know yet." Any fans of Sam and Brittany out there?

source: E!Online

Question: I’ll take any Glee scoop you have that isn’t related to “Klaine,” “Finchel,” or “Brittana”. —Jessica
Ausiello: A major shake-up is coming to New Directions. And I’m not referring to this.

source: TVline

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