Chris Colfer Opens Up About 'The Break-Up'!

No matter which 'ship you sail on, Glee's gail-force break-up episode left everyone's hearts bruised, battered and gasping for air.
Finchel is no more, Brittana is dunzo and Wemma's future is uncertain. But Klaine took the biggest hit of all after Blaine admitted to cheating on Kurt and the landmark gay couple was left in pieces.

To help make sense of it all, sat down with Chris Colfer for an exclusive post-mortem on the episode, and found out that while the skies are cloudy now, the sun is right around the corner. What was your first reaction to finding out Kurt and Blaine were breaking up?
Chris Colfer: Initially I was excited. I think they're the first Glee couple who have yet to separate. I was looking forward to having a little drama between them and thought it'd be nice not being the ugly half of a power couple for a while. But I was thinking as an actor and forgot about the fans, now I'm just terrified of how they’ll react. They love their Klaine. Yeah, I am a little worried for their collective sanity right about now.
Chris: You know, it's really quite incredible how much love and support these characters have, because ten years ago it might have been a different story. With that said, let me tell you I have been dreading this moment since that love made itself known. Every time something or someone comes between these characters there are riots and looting in the streets. I'm not looking forward to the episode for that reason alone. I may have to go into hiding. I just hope this wasn't what the Mayans predicted. What would you like to say to the heart-broken Klaine fans?
Chris: The most important thing I would say, with all seriousness, is to please remember that this is just a television show and Darren [Criss] and I are actors. My Twitter feed is full of angry people saying they've been emotionally distraught for weeks and they're going to harm themselves if they break up. I know these are mostly exaggerations, but it's still concerning. A TV show is never worth any of that. What did you like about "how" the writers broke Kurt and Blaine up?
Chris: I thought it was very realistic. People grow up and grow apart. You get busy and lose contact with people you love over time, not intentionally, it's just how life is sometimes. It also gives the story so many places to go now. What excites you about Kurt being single in NYC?
Chris: I'm just really excited to see what the future holds for him in general. Whether that means dating one person or a few over the course of the season, I just want to see him live and be his own person. He had a really bad year last season so it's been nice to see him spread his wings. There were two major musical moments in The Break-Up. First, what was it like filming that incredibly emotional Don't Speak on the streets of New York?
Chris: It's always an adventure filming in New York City. We had a crowd of people show up to watch it, so it felt like we were doing theater. We were in a park downtown and a homeless woman yelled at us to get out of her house. I definitely broke character in that take. To close the episode, the entire cast reunited on The McKinley stage for the first time this season to perform The Scientist – what was it like all being back together?
Chris: It felt very familiar. In reality, Kurt and Rachel's apartment is only a few yards away from the choir room at Paramount studios. We see everybody everyday. It wasn't as nostalgic as it is on the screen. Do Kurt and Rachel's breakups separate the New York and McKinley characters even more? 
Chris: I wouldn't say it separates them but it certainly makes going home more difficult, but they've relatively stayed in touch with their friends at McKinley so far. What's next for Kurt? What are you excited for the fans to see in the coming episodes?
Chris: Your guess is as good as mine. I know Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back soon, which I'm excited about. I really hope we get to explore the fashion world through Kurt's eyes. I think that'd be a lot of fun to see and there's so much we could do with it. But he may give it all up for a second chance at NYADA. I'm good with either, I miss performing and hovering over Whoopi Goldberg.

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