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When Glee's season-four cast photo came out, fans of Quinn Fabray took to Twitter and our comments section to voice their anger: "Where was Dianna Agron?" you yelled. It was an Internet uproar for the ages.

Ryan Murphy made sure to calm fans by insisting that Agron was not off the show, and we've got some scoop that'll ease Quinn fans' worries even further. And since Gossip Girlpremiered last night, we bet you're dying for some info on what comes next. All that, plusRevenge, Homeland, Nikita and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Angela: Is Dianna Agron off the show for good? If she's not, when will we see her onGlee next?
Even though Quinn has been MIA (and probably will be for a while), Jane Lynch assured us recently that Agron is still on the show and the rumors that she's leaving are just not true. And based on some whispers we hear from sources, Quinn might make a triumphant return to interact with someone that is very familiar to her. You know, a certain blond, bitchy cheerleader whose name rhymes with pretty.

source: E! Online

Orly: I'm loving Glee now because of the addition of Marley! Can you tell me what's coming up with her?
It's a good thing you love Marley so much because we're going to be getting to know her really well in the present,and in the past. That's right, Glee is planning a flashback to Marley's childhood (think 7 or 8 years old). So if you want to see more adorable mother-daughter moments with Marley, then you'll definitely want to stick around!

source: E! Online

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