Glee: American Idol Star Dishes on Being Finn's New...Love Interest!

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As Glee fans know by now, American Idol star Jessica Sanchez has signed on for a guest gig on the hit TV show.
What's not clear is the 17-year-old songbird's storyline.

Speculation on the Web is that Sanchez, who was Idol's runner-up last season, could be coming in as a love interest for Finn.


"Everybody thinks that, but I'm not even sure," Sanchez told me at the Carousel of Hope gala. "That would be interesting."

What Sanchez is sure about is that she'll be in "a couple" of episodes that will be shot in January and will air in the spring. "We met up with [show creator] Ryan Murphy," she said. "I guess he found me interesting after that, and now I'm going to be on Glee. It's amazing. It's awesome."

source: E! Online

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