Glee's 21 Best Musical Numbers of All-Time!

With Major League Baseball playoffs dominating Fox’s primetime lineup for the next few weeks, Glee fans are holding their collective breath until Season 4 resumes in early November.

Still, everyone knows it’s cathartic to exhale, and with that in mind, we decided there was no better time to update the debate about what songs belong on a list of Glee‘s 21 Best Musical Numbers of All-Time. Our picks include expected suspects like “Teenage Dream” and “Faithfully,” but there are more than a few surprises, too.

So do check out the full gallery of 21 slides below, then tell us which moments we overrated, which ones we left out, and where we managed to get it exactly right.

1. "Don't Rain on My Parade" Rachel ("Sectionals," Season 1)
2. "I Feel Pretty"/"Unpretty" Rachel and Quinn ("Born This Way," Season 2)
3. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" Kurt ("Grilled Cheesus," Season 2)
4. "Don't Stop Believin'" New Directions ("Pilot," Season 1)
5. "We Found Love" New Directions ("Yes/No," Season 3)
6. "Teenage Dream" Blaine and the Dalton Academy Warblers ("Never Been Kissed," Season 2)
7. "Rumor Has It"/"Someone Like You" Mercedes, Santana & The Troubletones ("Mash-Off," Season 3)
8. "Like a Virgin" Rachel and Jesse, Will and Emma, Santana and Finn ("The Power of Madonna," Season 1)
9. "Smooth Criminal" Santana Vs. Sebastian ("Michael," Season 3)
10. “The Scientist” Finn, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Will and Emma ("The Break Up," Season 4)
11. "Faithfully" Finn, Rachel and New Directions ("Journey," Season 1)
12. "Boogie Shoes" Unique & Vocal Adrenaline (Season 3, "Saturday Night Gleever")
13. "Dream On" Mr. Schuester and Bryan Ryan ("Dream On," Season 1)
14. "Songbird" Santana ("Rumours," Season 2)
15. "Jump" New Directions ("Mattress," Season 1)
16. "Edge of Glory"/"It's All Coming Back to Me Now"/"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" Rachel, Finn and New Directions ("Nationals," Season 3)
17. "Hell to the No" Mercedes ("Original Song," Season 2)
18. "Run the World (Girls)" Brittany ("Asian F," Season 3)
19. "Defying Gravity" Kurt and Rachel ("Wheels," Season 1)
20. "Mean" Beiste and Puck ("Props," Season 3)
21. "Forget You" Holly Holliday and New Directions ("The Substitute," Season 2)
source: TVLine

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