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Glee | Boot camp might start looking pretty good to Finn when McKinley High’s onetime gridiron star takes the ball in coaching New Directions (while Will is in D.C. “fighting for the arts”) as well as directing the school play. “Sue is going to have a big problem with him,” Jane Lynch told TVLine at the 2012 Media Access Awards. “He’s innocent, but he says something really stupid to me, and one thing about Sue Sylvester is she never forgets.” Then again, Finn could probably use the distraction of “another woman” – albeit a vitriolic cheerleading coach of a certain age! – in the wake of his break-up with Rachel. “Sue is your greatest advocate, but she’s also your worst enemy,” Lynch stresses, “so Finn is in for it!”
source: TVLine

Nicole: Can you please find out what's going on with Jayma Mays on Glee? Why is she a guest star when she's been a regular for the past three seasons? Please tell me they don't plan on writing her out of the show. Glee would suck without Emma and Wemma.
As far as we know, there are no plans to write anybody off the show. And we agree, Glee would suck without those two, but it sounds like we might have to get used to the show without Wemma, or at the very least, without Will. Based on what Jane Lynch told us recently, Mr. Schue is going to be absent for a bit, perhaps to go to Washington? "Finn is going to take over the glee club for a couple of weeks," she reveals to us. But does Will take his bride-to-be with him? That is scoop for another time, Gleeks.
source: E! Online

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