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Question: Are Kurt/Blaine or Rachel/Finn ever, ever getting back together on Glee? (And yes, that Taylor Swift song is going to be stuck in your head till I get answers!) –Danny 
Ausiello: This time, I’m telling you (I’m telling you)…if you’re a Klaine or Finchel stan, “Dynamic Duets” probably won’t be your favorite episode of Season 4, thanks to the total absence of the show’s NYC-based characters. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a few small clues to consider while you’re burning off that second helping of pumpkin pie this weekend. For one, Blaine finds himself staring smack in the face of temptation (aka Dalton Warbler Sebastian) — without the slightest hint of flirty banter. And secondly, Finn seems more occupied with succeeding in his new gig as New Directions mentor than in mourning his lack of communication with Rachel. (And isn’t that exactly the kind of self-actualization she was asking for back in “The Break-Up”?) 

Question: Longtime Glee fan, first-time complainer. When is New Directions’ new ingenue Marley going to show a bit of edge? She’s way too moon-eyed to be believable. –Rachel (not Berry) 
Ausiello: Kvetch and ye shall receive, Rachel! At the very end of this Thursday’s Thanksgiving-night installment, “Dynamic Duets,” Marley Rose makes a decision that’s surprisngly, almost upsettingly selfish. To be fair, Marley acts under the influence of manipulative frenemy Kitty, but don’t be surprised if it weakens one third of the love triangle she’s currently navigating. 

Question: With supercute Glee Project winner Blake Jenner on the scene as Marley’s new love interest Ryder Lynn, is Puck’s surly (but also supercute) brother Jake going to get maginalized with nasty Kitty for the rest of the season? –Tessa 
Ausiello: Not so fast, Tessa. Ryder may be sensitive and chiseled, with a head of hair that even Justin Bieber would envy, but Jake has a secret weapon of his own in the fight for Marley’s heart — the approval of Mrs. Rose (Trisha Rae Stahl). See? It pays to be nice to your high-school lunch lady!

Glee | Although EP Brad Falchuk told us he considers the Dave Karofsky storyline to be “finished,” with “no more story to tell,” Max Adler remains hopeful that his character will be revisited… at some point. Reflecting on what was possibly his final appearance, after Dave attempted suicide, Adler acknowledges “in the flash-forward scene in the hospital, they do show you that he can be happy and he’ll meet a man of his dreams and have a boy and be successful. So they do kind of tie things up in a nice way. But I’m in love with the character and as the actor, I would have always like to see more.” For example? “I would have liked to see how he deals with his parents afterwards and where he ends up going to school, if his relationship with Kurt continues…,” the actor offers. With a nod to Season 4′s Big Apple-based narrative, he adds: “Maybe Karofsky will pop up in New York! We’ll see.”

source: TVLine

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