Ask Ausiello Spoilers!

Question: What’s the story behind the Brittany-Sam wedding photo that Glee boss Ryan Murphy tweeted last week? Are they getting married? —Rich

Ausiello: Can’t confirm a wedding. But I can confirm a one-sided crush. Bonus scoop: I have an answer to the question I posed at the end of this recent Glee story (Might Tyler’s character have a run-in with the other Mrs. Puckerman, a.k.a. the mother of Jake’s half-brother Puck [Mark Salling], who has appeared on and off since Season 1 [as played by actress Gina Hecht]?), and that answer is yes.

Question: Give us the biggest Glee scoop you have right now. —Suzanne

Ausiello: Wow. Talk about pressure. Um…. A character I never thought I’d see on the show again is returning. How’s that?

source: TV Line

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