Dedicated fans upset at Glee break-ups!

Diehard fans of Glee knew it was on the cards and last night it finally happened; the break-up of the couple fondly known as "Finchel" - Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson, played by real-life couple Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.

It wasn't just the show's core couple who called it quits. Long-distance couples Blaine and Kurt and Santana and Brittany also called time on their relationships.

"It was very challenging, it was challenging initially because it was shot in so many different locations on so many different days," Monteith revealed.

"These characters, we all take them incredibly personally. And these storylines - we have a lot of attachment to the Finn-Rachel storyline and to see these characters break up is very hard, very taxing emotionally but at the same time incredibly fulfilling."

Unfortunately for Monteith, some fans have not been able to separate fact from fiction and have berated him in public.

"A lot of people respond in anger when they see me in the street - 'How could you, how could you, you are such an idiot; she is the greatest thing'.

"People very much respond, especially in airports when people are a little upset, late for the plane. Then they see this guy (Monteith) and think it is actually Finn.

"People are invested personally in the storylines and that was the whole goal, so I am really excited people have taken it on and come along for the journey and that it is personal to everyone."

The break-up doesn't mean that's the last we'll see of Finn - he has an interesting role in a Grease-inspired episode later this month.

"Finn takes an interesting role for that episode, he is co-directing with Artie (Kevin McHale)."
source: The West Australian

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