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Jonny: When will we find out who Sue's baby daddy is on Glee? And do you have any scoop on who it is?
We don't know, Jane Lynch doesn't know, and she doesn't even think the writers know! "We're on episode eight and it hasn't even been mentioned yet, so we'll find out," she tells us. "I don't think the writers [know]. I don't think they've decided yet." But while she's waiting to announce the father of her baby, Sue will be back to her old tricks in an upcoming episode. "One of the kids uses a disparagingly mark—but in innocence, but I don't take it that away of course, to describe my brand-new baby and I just set out to destroy that person. So I'm back on the rampage." Who do you think will be on the receiving end of Coach Sylvester's rage?

Riley: When is Max Adler going to return to Glee? If Grant Gustin is coming back because Sebastian still has more story to tell, how can Dave, the boy last seen crying in the hospital after a suicide attempt, not have more story to tell? We have been waiting over eight months now.....Plus, Dave still hasn't sung! Thank you.
Sorry, Karofsky fans, but as of right now, there are no plans to bring back Max Adler, at least before the new year. But they are still writing season four, and we hear that both parties are open to having the character come back for an episode or two, if it suits the storyline. When we asked Adler about returning back in February, he told us: "I would love it. To have experienced that life and to have this role has just been incredible, and I think it's really important for people to see it."

Teddy: Glee spoilers, please….not about Finchel. No offense to fans.
We're sure the Finn and Rachel fans will allow a Glee spoiler not related to their favorite couple. So, let's go to Melissa Benoist to hear about Marley's love life in upcoming episodes. "Right now, she's in the middle of two separate love triangles," she tells us. "She's got some great choices. She meets Ryder, [played by] Blake Jenner, in episode five and there's definitely some chemistry there. But Jake Puckerman…I think Marley has a special place in her heart for him." So does she end up picking one or the other? "There are some love scenes. I've kissed someone. That's all I'll say," Benoist teases.

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