Ask Ausiello Spoilers!

Question: Is Glee really going there with Brittany and Sam? Does the show realize what a s–tstorm it’s walking into? —Carly
Ausiello: I imagine they do since Brittany addresses the criticism head-on in a hilarious fourth-wall-shattering moment in this week’s episode.

Question: Do you think this is Glee‘s last season? —Ryan
Ausiello: Um… no. The show will definitely be back for Season 5. No question.

Question: Can I get some Glee scoop? —CM
Ausiello: The Marley/bulimia arc, which took a disturbing turn last week when the New Directions powerhouse collapsed during Sectionals, is going to get worse before it gets better. “It gets even crazier than you think,” reveals Samuel Larsen. “Trust me, it gets worse. It’s something no one’s really expecting at all.”

source: TV Line

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